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a bit of fluff flew by

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2015-04-14_0007A bit of fluff flew by my window today! It seems like a silly observation, but let me explain. The day didn't start out well. Waking up with a deep cough, continued from yesterday, with an achy back and joints, made for an unenthusiastic beginning. I canceled my life for a second day while slowly trying to follow morning routines. But the coffee didn't taste satisfying, the early morning walk was out of the question and words wouldn't reveal themselves in my Morning Pages. The thought of thinking hard about anything left me cold.

So I drew a hot bath and soaked until the water cooled. As I comfortably stretched out in my steamy marinade I willed my body and my thoughts to rest. This led me to discover another way to quiet myself: to lay immersed in the air, inhaling deeply of the sounds freely coming my way. Like a dream I could hear muffled noises of everyday life continuing below my window. From my second story cove I listened and imagined as a couple rambled by talking quietly in the sunshine. The city bus rumbled by and screeched its brakes as it approached the stop sign. Because it is Friday, a city truck noisily stopped to empty our recycle bin. I even perceived the quiet ticking of an antique clock elsewhere in the house.

I felt the gifting of quiet.

At lunch time the radio was not invited. Eating alone, I opened my eyes to the entertainment just outside my breakfast nook window!  A female cardinal with her bright orange beak anxiously picked through the delicate seeds as a chickadee flittered nearby. With a smile I spyed that silly squirrel trying to jump flat-footed from a ledge under our window to the bird feeder. Unfortunately for him my husband elevated it yesterday to thwart his attempts for gobbling copious amounts of free food. A single yellow tulip has blossomed today near the corner of our house and the funny thing is, we never planted any tulips! Maybe we have that goofy squirrel to thank! Rachel's clock keeps a steady beat on the wall just behind my head...

...and then there was that bit of fluff.

Even though I'm not feeling great I have enjoyed what silence brought me today. Ears and eyes can be coerced into focus, but there are days when rest and openness bring unexpected pleasantries and it is worth our time to just let them come, regardless of the form they take.