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2016-08-23_0010 Several years ago my husband made a simple request.

"I really like red and white quilts. Do you think you could make one for us?"

"Of course!" I enthusiastically replied.

After finding a pattern, purchasing fabric and treating the deep red so it would not come back to haunt me in the wash, I diligently cut and pieced this treasure together. Hours and hours, months and months later, the piecing, layering and basting were complete. Next I started hand quilting. I was surprised at how HUGE this quilt turned out to be so it looked like I would be spending years on the quilting phase.2016-08-23_0009

Well, then the 2010 weddings came up and then the 2013, 2014 and 2015 babies were born, each requiring a handmade, hand-quilted quilt.

A few months ago I came upon this forgotten beauty stuffed in a basket behind the sofa chair,  and I made a decision. I bundled it up and hired a machine quilter to finish the job for me. I stitched the final step, the red binding strip, while watching the Rio Olympics. What a relief! These hands did NOT have to do all that quilting and it turned out better than I ever could have imagined it.2016-08-23_0008