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autumn's entry

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DSC_0296 The morning began with a stunning baby blue sky and soft pink clouds, unusual and pleasing. Our conversation, as usual, was not remarkable. But on this first day of autumn we did recall how, by being in the park every week day morning, we are privileged to encounter the world of nature in a quiet and constant way. This fall we have seen many deer: a pair of orphaned twins, a wounded buck, a little family with mama and two fawns. Today we stopped walking to watch three young bucks leap across the road and into the woods, while wondering how they are able to bound so easily and quickly without getting all caught up in the brambles. Yesterday we spotted a fox. He hesitated long enough for us to get a glimpse of his fluffy tail and tall ears. A few days ago that old raccoon peered down on us from the old oak at the top of the hill. We laughed and quietly greeted her while she stared at us through her mysterious black mask. Today, though, we found our first buckeye, a tradition we happily follow every fall. Usually we come home with pockets bulging with the brown wonders, but not today. We happened to be looking when one fell from the tree, split open while the nut rolled across the street. That got us going and we started looking for more. Suddenly we were treated with one more animal show. A furry brown squirrel, with a buckeye in his mouth, scampered down one tree and up the next where he found a safe branch on which to perch. There he proceeded to chow down like he was eating an ear of corn. It was quick and messy and that buckeye was gone in a flash. We all laughed at the little performance we were privileged to witness.

On this first day of autumn, I ponder the simple wonders of nature...and I give thanks. DSC_0291