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Greenglass House

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What were your childhood Christmas Eves like?

Were they cosy and warm, perhaps around a fireplace? Did the lights on your tree twinkle softly as you anticipated the coming days? Did your mom bake goodies sending smells wafting from the kitchen full of hope and tradition? Can you just settle down in your mind and find yourself as a kid eager for the Christmas holiday, time away from school and days full of food, family and rest?

This is exactly the way twelve-year-old Milo Pine felt on the first day of his holiday vacation. It was going to be great, just him and his parents padding around in their old ramshackle inn, Greenglass House. But just as he was feeling comfortable, finishing up homework so there would be no responsibilities, the old iron bell rang, announcing the arrival of an unannounced guest...on the first day of HIS vacation!

Little did Milo know that there were more rather odd guests on their way, each with a strange story connected to something in Greenglass House.  Milo, resistant at first, soon got into the mystery that led him to more questions and answers than he ever dreamed possible.

With themes of mystery, adoption, story telling, smuggling, role playing, burglary, love, and a bit of magic, this Young Adult novel kept my attention and pushed me to discover the final solution. Sarah Hunter called this book an "enchanting, empowering and cozy read."

It is just the kind of book to open on a quiet Christmas Eve...