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Naming Matters

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Good morning, dear readers!


I hope you are having a great day! I’ve experienced some excitement in the past couple of months and today I’m glad to be back to tell you about it. Read on if you’ve been wondering!

After being home alone for the month of February, while my husband paddled his way through wild river rapids on a fishing trip in Patagonia, it was my turn for adventures! The first escapade had me driving down the Ohio Turnpike (an 8-hour trip) to attend Refine {the retreat}, a unique getaway for writers and various artists. I found myself mesmerized by the experience, trying to take in all that was happening. I met many talented women whose hearts were on fire to express their gifting and to make space to meet with God. He did some gentle work in me in that remarkable place and I am still pondering its effect on me.

A few days after getting home from that amazing retreat, I boarded an airplane for my next adventure. This time I flew to Costa Rica to visit our son and his family who live there. They are working there with ECU in a ministry to college students.

Now, here I am, several days later, ready to write about parts of my wanderings. I’ll be drafting more over the next few weeks, so be sure to check back!

I flew to Costa Rica because our daughter-in-law was ready to give birth to their fourth child, our fifth grandchild! Hugging those darling little grandchildren was my first goal, but I was also there to stay with them when contractions became regular and it was time for their mom and dad to get to the hospital. Thankfully the timing was perfect and I arrived several days before the big event occurred.

She was born at 1:08 am on April 2nd. Since it was Costa Rica, and since there were no complications, they came home from the hospital that same afternoon. Joel walked into the house, handed me the baby, and said, “I’d like to introduce to you, Elsie Eve.” My eyes popped open and quickly filled with tears as I realized that they had named this little treasure after another precious gem, my mother, Eve Jane. Joel explained that Elsie means God is Abundant and Eve means life. Both of these held meaning for them, so when she was born, they took a look into that darling fresh face and it felt confirmed, her name would be Elsie Eve.

As I was reflecting on this, I couldn’t help but think about the importance of Naming. Throughout Elsie’s life, by knowing that God is Abundant, she will have a solid banner of truth to lift her eyes toward. I can imagine someday Joel and Rachel will tell Elsie how abundantly God has blessed their family by gifting them with her life. I have heard them tell Lucy what a light she is, and Charles, what a safe harbor he is, and Annie how much grace God has given them through her. By using their names, they are offering their children an identity, a place to find firm ground to guide and direct them.

In the Bible, God demonstrated the importance of Naming by often changing a person’s name to indicate an important reshaping in their role or to establish a new identity. In the same way, may we never forget that we also have been named.

We are called Beloved.

We are called Children of God.

We are called Adopted In and Part of the Family.

God is called Father and Jesus is called Immanuel, God with us.

Naming matters.

I will always treasure my time in Costa Rica with our cherished family. I am naming myself Blessed, Humbled, Delighted and “Lucky” to have been able to experience this spectacular event, one that is so monumental in the life and narrative of our family.

What are you naming yourself today? I pray it is Strong, Loved, and Beautiful.