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Ten Little Things

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I’ve got all kinds of friends. I know you do too. Do you have some who are “feelers?” I’ve got several. They stand out because they are the ones with a box of kleenex ever near because tears are ready to spill at any moment and they need to be prepared. Some of my closest friends are deep feelers and almost anything enables them to shed a tear or two. I love those people.

There are others I know who find it harder to dwell anywhere near their feelings and are comfortable only talking about what they think. I love those people too, but when we talk it is a different kind of communication. I seem to always be asking, “Yes, but how do you feel about that?” 

It is fine to be where ever you are on that spectrum, of course. I find that I’m somewhere in the middle of those two extremes but I do know I love to feel the feelings when they come. 

What about you? Where do you find yourself on the broad range of feelings?

I decided today to just stop and think about what makes me feel happy. Here’s a list of ten little things that give me big time feelings:

  • Finding a voice message from one of our grandchildren living in Costa Rica saying, “I love you, Grandma. I miss you. I can’t wait to see you, Grandma."
  • When my mom shows up in my dreams. It’s only happened a few times since she died ten years ago. She rarely says any words but she is there and I see her. It feels like she’s come for visit and my heart is warmed. I love her so.
  • A hug from our littlest grandchild, Oliver. He is 15 months old but already he knows the power of a hug around his grandma’s neck.
  • A meaningful and deep conversation over coffee when someone is willing to talk with me about faith and honest struggles. I know I’ve been trusted with something very fragile and extremely private. I hold it close to my heart.
  • The sky: oh my, how I love the sky and the ever changing beauty God shows there. Of course, the Psalmist told us that the heavens declare the glory of God! Why should I be surprised? If I’m not emotionally shaken by the glory of God, perhaps I need to wake up!
  • The bouncy barky welcome from Moby, our daughter’s dog. That little guy knows how to say hello! Every time I come to his house he lets me know that he is SO glad I’ve come to visit! He never disappoints.
  • Any kind of road trip with my husband. We have such fun getting away. (When you’re married to an extra hard worker, it is great to get them away from the constant pull of one more job to complete.)
  • Being in the middle of a really great book. Oh, I love the possibilities of imagination or learning one more thing. I can get all riled up by a new idea or the next great writing tip. 
  • Sparkly white lights do it every time, no matter where they are. I see them and BAM, my heart feels the rush of emotion - I think they sparkle with a warm welcome that gently makes me feel invited in.
  • When someone “gets” me, reminds me of who I am and makes me feel loved and cherished. Ahhh, there is nothing better.

This is just a short list; there are millions more!

Aren't you glad you can feel? It seems to me that feelings are gifts from our great Creator God that enable us to fully participate in life and celebrate being human in every sense of the word. The hard ones too. It's all a part of the package of this abundant life.

What little thing invites you to feel happy? I’d love to know.