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When You Laugh

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This past weekend a friend of mine traveled to spend a bit of time with a gal who went to college with us over forty years ago. After graduating from our junior college and transferring, we lost touch. They called me one night so we could see and hear each other and get caught up on some of what we have missed these many years.  Our minutes together made me wonder why we let so many years go by. We were friends back then.

In the midst of the conversation we laughed over some goofy college memory and our friend commented that my laugh took her back to those days. She remembered the Deane who was 18 then by the laugh of my current 64-year-old self.

This morning, I read Psalm 139:1  "You have searched me, LORD, and you know me."

I find great comfort in that verse because it says that He never lost contact with me over these many years. The day I first came to believe in Him has not been lost as a distant memory. He has not gone on to other pursuits nor forgotten me because of other, more important, tasks. No, He knows my laugh and He keeps His eyes on me.

Today, let's find comfort in the fact that God, our Father God, not only knows our laugh, He knows our name, our fears, our hopes and everything about us, even stuff we don't yet know about ourselves.

If you haven't talked to him in a while, I encourage you to dial Him up! He'll remember you and when you laugh it will bring Him great joy.