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A Question for my Readers

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Good morning on this very snowy day. It is March 24th and Spring was just starting to pop out all over our state and this has set her back a bit. Oh well. It has been a great morning to just be quiet and at home. I don't think we'll be doing any skiing in this extremely heavy wet snow, but snowshoeing is not out of the question!

I have a question for you, my kind blog readers.

With Facebook being what it is, I'm hoping that you are able to find my blog and to read new posts when they are published. The BEST way to assure that you do, is to bypass Facebook completely and subscribe so those posts can come directly to your inbox. That way, you don't have to read them immediately, fearing that they will disappear and you'll never find them again. You'll have them ready to read at your leisure at a time that is more convenient for you. 

If you would like to be assured of that, look over to your right, scroll down a bit,  and find a box that says Subscribe. It says, Get new posts sent straight to your inbox! You simply add your email address and click on the words sign up. It is quite simple! 

As an added bonus, I pray regularly for my subscribers, asking God to hold them close and to lead me to write things that will encourage them in some way. I will also write a short email once a month to my subscribers, just for fun. And who knows, there may be other benefits to being a subscriber, yet to be imagined. (I'm new to this kind of thing, you know.)

As always, I am SO THANKFUL that you read my blog and that often you leave comments to let me know what you think or to encourage me. I love to write and your feedback spurs me on and keeps me writing. If you are already a subscriber, THANK YOU! If you are yet to sign up, please know that it is available as a service to you.

With kind appreciation,