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Fearless Writing - a book review

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When I sit down to write, sometimes anxious feelings well up in me and thoughts arise, telling me that I'm really not a very good writer.  My thoughts sometimes overwhelm , at which point I stop, pray for the truth, take a deep breath and begin again. I understand this is a common difficulty even to published authors, so I don't feel alone in fighting the internal critic.

But you can imagine why, while browsing through the writing section at Barnes and Noble, this particular book title stood out to me:


 Writing Fearlessly is profoundly different from any other writing book I have read.

  • He writes that it is impossible to write and be afraid. Confidence is steady and predictable as the sun. But you must choose to rest in it and write from it.
  • He advises writers to pay attention to how they feel and if they love what they are writing, those who read it will love it too. "If I were allowed to offer only one simple, practical piece of advice to every writer I knew, it would be this: Pay attention to how you feel, both when you're writing and when you're not. Nothing has been more useful to me as a writer and as a person, than paying attention to and caring about how I feel."
  • "You will find your confidence and begin to write fearlessly the moment you stop caring about what anyone else thinks...No one is looking over your shoulder, no one is reading what you have written, and no one has an opinion about it. Right now you are alone and it is time to write."

Kenower's suggestions and encouragement, borne through years of his own writing experience, are solid and easy to apply to my own work. Since reading this book I have tried to take his advice to heart. It has given me an inner strength to keep pressing forward in my writing by getting into the flow and doing my best to write what I love without unease or fearfulness.

This advice is extremely helpful. I think you will think so too.

Do you find yourself battling writing fears? I'd love to hear about them.