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It's a New Year!

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Hello my dear readers,

I hope you had a blessed holiday and time to reflect in the midst of your celebrations. I usually take time between Christmas and New Years to do a bit of planning and preparing for the coming days. But this year, we were busy in a different way.! Brian and I flew to Costa Rica to be with Joel, Rachel, Lucy, Charles and Annie Pearl for Christmas in San Jose! On Christmas morning we got to hear the pitter patter of little feet and bright exclamations of excitement as they opened their eyes to the twinkling lights and presents under the tree. Oh they could hardly eat their breakfast as those packages called out to them, a scene we all remember so well. 

After a week we were joined by Jonathan and Greg, Hannah & Oliver and our whole family spent a week together at a beautiful vacation rental house south of San Jose.  From there we took off to various adventures either at the seaside or in the rain forests.

We went to Costa Rica to be with our family. But we came away with much more. We became family bent on encouraging our missionaries on the field who are in preparation for their work by going to language school while living with three very little children. (Ages 2, 3 and newly 5) They left in August and have adjusted to the many changes that come by living in another culture and language. Life has its hard moments there. But there were many more moments of joy and a deep contentment as they live out God's invitation to get prepared and serve. 

I'll let you in by showing a few of my favorite photos.