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Five Things I Learned...this Fall

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Do you ever feel like you're just making lists and getting stuff done while time races by? Before you know it the next season is already upon you and you wonder what happened. I feel like that all the time. Have you groaned at least once this month, "Is it December already? What happened to November?"

As a way of not letting time get the better of me,  I decided to go back a bit and gather a few things I learned in the past couple of months. Writing it down slows time and gives me a way to feel confident that I didn't mindlessly walk through my days. I did learn a few things! 

After thinking it through, I picked five things to share with you.


I learned...Spotify is great! Last summer our daughter set me up with a Spotify account. I have been rather passive about music but this idea of getting any kind of music I'm in the mood for and then making up playlists to suit my own tastes, appealed to me. I have several lists of nice autumn music. If you'd like to find a fun Folksy Christmas with NO TINNY TUNES, only soft music, full of variety,  tap here. I've been totally enjoying it!


I learned...My sister's thoughts and words have a powerful affect on me. As a writer, I have been unable to  write as regularly as I'd like and blogposts were often months apart.  No one seemed to notice so I just plugged along getting to it whenever an idea came along. Until one day... my sister left a comment (which she often does, and I love) saying that she misses me when I don't write. For some reason that little comment was big to me. I decided to return to an earlier goal of posting once a week. I realize that realistically, I will be unable to post every week always, but I'll do what I can.  I love it. Thanks, Sis. You helped me by telling me how you felt. I love you!


I learned...that God is faithful and a person can go through some very difficult stuff and still trust Him. I have a good friend whose husband developed a brain tumor a year ago. They were on the mission field at the time and came home to get treatment and to gather faithful friends to pray. This sad story has a shining glow for one reason. In this year, my friend held tightly to the God she has come to know and love. Every morning they woke up and together recited, "This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it." Each day they searched the scripture for ways to praise and trust Him and to pray for others. Several times she invited friends to come to their home and bring scriptures to pray. When he died in October, her faith enabled her to continue to trust God as she grieved the loss of a very special husband. It's a lesson we all would do well to note. Because of Christ's promise of life after death, dying with dignity and without fear is the crowing glory a Christian holds onto during such difficult times.


I learned...I seem to have a high threshold of pain. Several months ago, I started to experience pain on the right side of my jaw. The tricky thing with jaw pain is that there are nerves that run along the lower and upper jaw and connect with nerves running to the ear, neck and side of the head. So it is hard to figure out the cause! But after hoping it would go away, having my dentist, doctor and physical therapist look at it and when the pain became too intense to endure, I went  to my dentist a second time and insisted that she look again. Sure enough, one tooth responded to the pain tests. She referred me to an endodontist who, the next day, performed a root canal on my very "angry" tooth. And I don't care how many times he had to poke me because I am PAIN FREE now! I am just rejoicing.

IMG_4402 (1).jpg

I to live far away from my family.  On August 21st our son, wife and three grandchildren moved to Costa Rica to join in a ministry for college students in San Jose. I was eager for them to say yes to God's invitation but at the same time i wanted those little ones close. This felt too big for me to handle and I struggled. The week after they left, Brian and I went away for three weeks.  As I experienced what God had for us in the amazing beauty of the mountains, the fresh air, our deep breathing and beating hearts as we hiked, I rested my fear.  I found a trust I didn't think I had and my trust had a place in which to dwell...with our good God who loves and enables us to do things we think we are unable to do. We have done a lot of talking with our family on WhatsApp, writing emails and texts and I pray in new ways for these dear ones doing this very courageous thing.

So, I had quite the autumn season. What new things have you been learning? Look back and see what you know now that you didn't know last summer.  You might be surprised at how much you learned while  time was flying you by.