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Dwell...half way through

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Six months ago I chose DWELL as my focus word for 2017. I loved re-reading  my blog post  where I first wrote about my hopes for this year and for the power of this word. How about you? Did you pick a word?

  • Has your word slipped into a forgetful place?
  • Did you set up ways to keep your word in mind?
  • Have you found yourself making the changes you hoped for?

Well, it if you haven't thought about your word in a while, it surely is not too late. That's what I'm telling myself because it takes a ton of intentionality to keep a word in front for a whole year. How about you?

This might help:

Yesterday, while leafing through magazines at Barnes and Noble, I found an article in the current issue of  bella grace entitled, 10 Easy Ways to Add Hygge to your Life. Well, hygge is a friend's word for this year, so I was interested in reading it. After looking at the ten easy ways, I wondered if I could make up 10 easy ways to be a "dweller."

1 John 2:6 Those who say they live (dwell, abide)  in God should live their lives as Jesus did. (NLT)

That is no small order!

So here's my take on living as one who dwells with God.

  1. Rest in God alone. Listen to him and do what he tells you.
  2. Love the life you're living. Know that you are understood, loved, seen by the God Most High.
  3. Seek out and give full attention to the beauty in your current season.
  4. Know you are never alone and always safe with God as your Father.
  5. Show much kindness, always.
  6. Forgive quickly, don't hold on to offenses.
  7. Trust God's timing.
  8. Meet with God many times a day to talk with him about everything and everybody.
  9. Use words to bless others.
  10. Be intentional as you step toward people, not waiting for them to step toward you.
  11. Oh I thought of one more: Be GENEROUS - extravagant generosity is so Jesus!!

Did I call this ten EASY ways to be a dweller? From this point I feel there nothing easy about any of these. But I have a life time of learning and growing ahead of me, as always, trusting God to do for me what I cannot do for myself. I know that's what a life of faith is all about.

I had a little fun today with some of the 2017 words friends have given me. If you'd like me to do a little setting for you, just let me know your word in the comments. It was fun to play with these words and isn't rest/creativity part of healthy dwelling?

(I found this idea from the daily tourist, an Instagram friend.)

Have a wonderful day.