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A Quilt for Charles

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What do bulldozers, fire engines, parades, bubble machines, picnics, airplanes, star war shirts, tulips, uncles from Minnesota, street sweepers and pofferjes have in common? You might say Tulip Time in Pella, but I would  differ from you and say all the fun on this list showed up to celebrate our grandson, Charles Chesley Watters who turned three last week. This photo would convince you that you are right - there is one who looks like a Dutch boy and the lovely flowers in the back ground are tulips! But that is only part of the story. Truly this is about a precious little three-year-old and all things boy.

Right now in Charles' life, right on top of his list of favorite things, is fire engines. He comes to alert as they fly by the house, sirens blaring,  lights flashing and in a huge hurry -  off to fight a fire or save a life. He yells, "Fire Truck!!" And we all run to the windows hoping to be quick enough to see the huge red truck, speeding by. So, for his birthday, his dad made him an amazing fire truck cake and his aunt gifted him with a fire fighters uniform. He was delighted.

(... those feet!!!)

Now that he is three and out of his crib, Charles is ready for a big-boy quilt for his big-boy bed.

So Grandma put one together. Of course, you knew I would.


Happy Birthday, dear Charles Chesley Watters. Manga and Grandpa love you and will forever be your loudest cheerleaders, right after your dear parents. You show such kind care for your sisters and I'll never forget how you danced and kept beat to the thunderous drums as bands marched by during the night parade. You found a real pilot at the Airport pancake breakfast and talked to him and even found his plane! You let your sisters wear your new Paw Patrol socks and shared your firefighters uniform with Lucy. You are a precious sweet boy and I love you to pieces. I hope all the adventures you will encounter in the coming year will fascinate and empower you to be the strong safe harbor you are showing yourself to be. God created you with a gentle spirit and he loves you deeply. I'm so glad He picked YOU to be our grandson.

Happy birthday, big boy.

...we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD,

his power and the wonders he has done.

(Psalm 78:4)