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In God We Trust

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What are you trusting God for today? Pick up a penny. On the face side you will find the profile of a president, a date and some words. One of those words is LIBERTY and the others are: In God We Trust. You will find it identical on the nickel, dime and quarter; different president, same words.

I  was chatting with a friend recently who told me that finding a penny on the street has taken on new meaning now that she is paying attention to these words. She bends over, picks up the penny and says to herself, "What am I trusting God for today?"

She talked about starting a list where she writes out the names of those people, situations and concerns in which she wants to trust God. Even more than a gratitude list, she is finding that her trust list is building her faith, reminding her of God's calming presence and his provision.

 What am I trusting God for today?

I read the story where Jesus had just fed 5,000 people with a few loaves of bread and several dried fish. After this GREAT miracle, his disciples got into a boat to head to the other side of the lake. As they rowed out into the middle of that big lake a storm came up and the wind blew, the waves tossed them about. They were distraught and filled with fear.

Suddenly they see this apparition approaching their boat and now they are doubly afraid! Not only are they about to die, they are being confronted by a ghost! They must have wondered what in the world was going on???

Soon, Jesus talks to them and assures them, "It is I; don't be afraid." Once that is established they are willing to let him into the boat and he calms things down.

Amused, I look at those folks and wonder how many times I have fought the waves of fear and preferred to stay and battle them on my own rather than invite Jesus to come in and calm things down. I wonder.

It is as though I say, "Jesus, help me!  I'm worried and afraid and sure I'll die... but I think I can handle it.  Thanks, though."

But Jesus speaks through the chaos. "It is I; don't be afraid."

In the reality that I can do nothing, I am finally willing to let him in. Sometimes this inviting leads to instant calming! Other times we invite a group to call on Christ with us.

One day our son, Joel, texted me and asked me to pray because his little, almost three-year-old Charles had fallen off some playground equipment onto his face. They were in the ER where he was vomiting and listless. OK. That feels like big waves and a lot of blowing wind.

I prayed but didn't feel much peace or trust. So I invited some sisters to join me in praying. In a way it was my way of inviting Jesus into the boat. And he calmed things down. And this time he chose to have Charles have no damage except a black eye. Thank you, thank you, Father God.

Each day I need to remind myself that I am trusting God for my kids and my grandkids, because sometimes I forget. Perhaps the penny trust list would be a good way to do this.

What might be on your penny trust list? Are you trusting God for the healing of a friend? Or money needed to get to the end of the month? Or healing for the depression that seems to never go away? Or the kid that is rebelling? Or the husband under way too much stress? Or an uncertain future? Whew. We'll need lots of pennies to cover the ocean of fears we are facing.

But He's got us. He stands ready to be invited in. He calms the storms. He listens to the prayers of the band of sisters. He loves and never takes his eyes off us. So next time you find a penny, or nickel, dime or quarter, call out the number of things you are trusting God for and find  joy in having someone near who has the power to calm the storm with a word.

What are we trusting God for today?


Isaiah 12:2b I will trust and not be afraid. The LORD, the LORD himself, is my strength and my defense.