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When Jesus was asked about the one thing God wanted people to put on the top of their list of most-important-things-to-do, He answered in short simple words.  He asked them to remember these more than anything else.

Love God. Love yourself. Love others. (Matthew 22:37-39)

In the word "Legacy" I feel the same question. What do I want those who come after me to remember? What is so important to me that I would put them on this list of Ten Most Important Things to Keep Close to your Heart? I've penned a few here:

  • Pay attention to your God hunger. Don't look at other Christians for this. Talk to God, read your Bible and ask Him to show Himself so you can know for yourself. Go after Him. He gave Jesus so we could know Him.
  • Accept your worth. I believe in the value of every human. That excludes no one. You are wonderfully made and beautifully unique. God made you to be you and that's the best you can be.
  • Look to the needs around you...find a cause to defend. The world is full of broken people in need of someone's care. Show kindness toward others in some way. It will make your life so much more interesting and satisfying.
  • Keep family first. Use dinner time as a time of love and acceptance, not correction and teaching.  Love does not spoil. It prepares one by giving a solid base from which to leap into the world.
  • Remember the power of your words and use them carefully. People are hurt as much by words that are not said as they are by words that are said. Say the words that heal, affirm and build up. Don't wait for perfection before speaking your encouragement. Silence never works when words are desperately needed.
  • Read as much and as often as you can. You will be happier than you can imagine and it will help you get out of your own head for awhile.
  • Cry when you need to cry. Don't be afraid of tears. They are a gift. It is human and cleansing to feel your feelings and let them be what they are.
  • Take some risks. It's a great way to let God show Himself. He will show up. You'll be amazed and your faith will grow.
  • Take time to rest. A strong work ethic is good and necessary but only in balance with time off for renewal.
  • Be the change. Don't fuss about what others have not done for you. Get out there and do that thing for others.

There are many other very important things to remember (from my point of view) but this top ten is a good place to start. Looking at these as legacy to be passed on to the next generation, I hope that our children have witnessed these actions in me and will accept these as my loving way to encourage them to live fully and with much joy.


What are some values you hold and want to pass on to the next generation?