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I love Brewed Awakenings, our local coffee shop where almost all good conversations take place. I've tried Starbucks and I've gone to Panera but Brewed is something special. There are so many reasons to get my coffee and meet friends there! From my house I can be parking in their lot in less than 5 minutes. The coffee is delicious. I love their chicken curry sandwiches at lunch time. Even more than that though,  it is the spot where many of my most meaningful conversations have taken place.

Like yesterday. I texted my friend. She got back to me. We planned a time. And before I knew it, there we were, each drinking a Beatnik Cappuccino, catching up on our busy lives. It had been a long time since we last talked so there was much to fit in. She and her husband have traveled, family members have moved, plans for the future are taking shape. Her babies are growing. I have changes coming and life is full.

I also loved the excitement she expressed in her study of 1 Peter. She is growing and learning and applying and seeing God as alive and at work in her life. She is leading a study in her home and others are joining her. She is forming friendships at work that enable her to share her faith. Life is exciting and God is involved. She knows that, "Best of all, God is with us!"

Meaningful conversation is one of my favorite ways to spend time. I crave interaction that challenges, enlightens and encourages; talk that offers sympathy and vulnerability. We had it all in our precious time together.

Thank you, Brewed Awakening, for being that kind of place. Thank you, my friend, for being that kind of person! Let's get together again soon.