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Today starts a series taken from April Love 2017, an Instagram photo challenge by Susannah Conway. Each day a word or phrase is given and those who choose to participate find a photo to illustrate that word. Today's word is BLUE. I add text to the photograph because I love words and feel they give the photo a deeper story.  My mother loved the color blue. She expressed her preference often and in a variety of ways. Blue found its way into her choice of jackets,  house dresses, teapots, flowers, the carpet in her living room, and even the light blue Oldsmobile she was happy to drive. Not picky, she preferred any shade of this heavenly hue. Even the letters she wrote to me while in college often arrived in my mailbox written with the same turquoise blue Flair pen.

Being a pink lover, I was never that enthralled with blue, except for one thing.

"You have your dad's blue eyes," she would remind me, her perky brown eyes sparkling proudly. This little bit of information was always offered like a gift, noting it as he left them to me in his will. I had this. I had this part of my dad. I had his blue eyes. He died when I was young so I don't remember much about him, but I got his eyes. Always proud of them, I even wore contacts for years that were slightly tinted to make them even more blue, and people would often mention the color of my eyes.

"I got them from my dad," I would come back.

We all long for a legacy, something working within us handed down from those who have walked before us and who have loved us.

I have his blue eyes, a tangible piece of evidence that he did live and I was his daughter.