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2016-08-06_0007 Today as I stood at the bottom of the extension ladder holding it while my husband climbed up to the very top, I thought to myself, "This would be a great photo for the august break 2016 challenge! But. I was standing there while he balanced carefully with clippers to extract vines that were threatening to cover the second story and attic windows, on their way to circling the chimney. I really couldn't say, "Wait! Hold that pose while I run into the house and grab my phone!" It just didn't seem right or safe.

So, instead, after the work was done and the vines removed from the side of the house, I snapped this shot of the stairway to the apartment above our garage. By then the sun had moved into the back yard and the heat of the day was upon us. The shelter of the towering hickory tree between our house and the garage was a welcoming sight at midday on this very beautiful warm afternoon.