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In Colossians 1:6 Paul wrote to the people at Colosse telling them that he was thanking God because he had heard of their faith! This faith in Jesus and love for each other came from  hearing the truth, the good news of Jesus Christ. He went on to say that all over the world that gospel is bearing fruit and growing. In July of 2011 Brian and I had the opportunity to witness first hand how the gospel message was continuing to grow. After learning about a mission in the African country of Mozambique, we were thrilled to lead a team of nine people there. This opportunity was made known to us through friends from our church, Kathy Knight, Val Dorsey, John and Cindy Pieper, who served as missionaries at that time.

The Ray of Light Project was established by national leaders, Pastor Jeronimo and Noemia Cessito, whose mission was to take the light of Christ to the poor. Since 2000 they have partnered with Children's Relief International in a wide variety of projects: El Shaddai Christian School, Dondo Food Pantry, Tessa Grace Nutrition Center, Project Life (a ministry to AIDS widows), Green Door Housing, and others.

2016-06-25_00072016-06-25_00082016-06-25_00022016-06-25_00032016-06-25_00042016-06-25_00062016-06-25_00102016-06-25_0013Each of these photos carries an incredible story. We hold countless memories of our heartfelt and engaging ministry to these beautiful people. 2016-06-25_0001

But there is more to tell you!

On July 13, in just a few weeks, Brian and I will be traveling back to Mozambique! Thirteen people, mostly from our church, will be serving through Children's Relief International again while our friend,Kathy Knight, who formerly served at this mission, is leading the group.

Many of the same activities from last our last visit will be on our list again this time, some are new and different: distributing quilts, praying with the sick, taking soup to the dying, preaching and teaching the gospel message in churches on Sunday mornings and at other gatherings. Because of a severe drought this year, we are raising money for packets of food to be distributed at several locations. Brian will be speaking on Sunday morning and another will be sharing with teenagers about the heart of a godly life. A Vacation Bible School program is being put together and everyone is excited about a sports camp that will be led with donated soccer balls. Brian and I will talk about our Christian marriage. A special "spa" day is being organized so the ladies can feel pretty and pampered with painted finger and toenails and given jewelry we are currently collecting. I could go on and on, but I must wait until we return with current stories for you to get the whole context of our enthusiasm and for God's continued work there.2016-06-25_0016 2016-06-25_0014

Our travel dates are July 13 to the 27th.

You can imagine that we have much to do to organize and prepare: numerous meetings, a Sunday morning commissioning, prayer letters to write and send out to supporters, the gathering of supplies, the preparation of devotionals and projects to organize. Along with all of this we are praying that God will work within each of us, preparing us for the changes and the rigors of overseas ministry.

If you would pray for us we would be delighted, humbled and honored. Upon our return, we will report how the gospel of Christ continues to grow and bear fruit in 2016 as we minister to the poorest of the poor in Mozambique, Africa.



Thank you.