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2016-02-25_0021There is nothing on my to-do list today. Not one thing is pressing. Normally my list is long, urging me to keep accomplishing something. Well, to be quite truthful, I do have a list. I always have a list! There is constantly work to do. I am never bored. I am never left twiddling my thumbs. But, today I have not written that list on my page that dictates to me how my day will go.

I could write. Yes. I could iron that pile on my ironing board. There is a bed that needs to be made. Next week's Writer's Circle has to be planned. The video for the Sunday School class I lead summons me. A run to Target is compelling. Some encouraging emails would be good. Booking a hotel for Tulip Time is proving to be impossible but it needs to be done. You know the gist.

But for today, I'm leaving the page empty.

I am surprised to find that an empty list feels a bit uncomfortable!

By not pushing myself in the usual way, might I feel discouraged at the end and think I accomplished nothing so therefore it was wrong and frivolous to waste it away?

Not sure how I will feel keeps me striving. Keeps me moving. Keeps me believing that rest is nonproductive and will leave me empty.

But I'm fighting that feeling today and instead remembering that rest is important for the soul. Quiet is essential to creativity. Days off replenish, they do not exhaust.

So, I ate a late breakfast, took Moby on an hour walk up to Bever Park, and am now deciding what to do next.

What do you find yourself doing on a day off? Are you comfortable with it? Do your feelings of good-enough-ness rise or fall in an unstructured day?

God made us to work hard. But he also made us to rest and restore so there will be life and energy for what really matters: creativity, relationships, self-care, a renewed faith, a well-rested body and mind.

Perhaps we all could look behind our incessant desire to push and stop letting it control our lives. Look up. The sky is actually blue today! The sun is visible above the houses, casting interesting shadows, and there is a calmness all around. If we need something on our list perhaps it should say:





Checking those off might feel pretty good at the end of the day.