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2016-02-16_0005I am excited to tell you about something that happened today! Getting my first little diary back in junior high led me to discover the power of putting words on paper. For all these years most of my writing has been done as  a solitary activity. But I've come to realize that writing with others adds intensity and excitement that stretches me in new ways! For some time I have wished for a group to write with so I took an on-line class last spring with Kira Elliott. Even though I was extremely nervous, I learned a great deal and loved the challenge of writing with other women.

I checked the newspaper and talked with various people hoping to find a gathering of writers here in town. A friend invited me into a group that met monthly, but they met on an evening I was not available.  I continued to look around but I could not find a group that seemed to fit me.

Because I am comfortable teaching and facilitating at House of Hope, I wondered  if there might be other women connected there who would be eager to write with me. I decided that if I couldn't find one already formed, then, by golly, I'd form a group of my own. I met with those brave souls!

  • We introduced ourselves.
  • We wrote.
  • We read aloud what we had written.
  • We told each other what was powerful in our writing; what we liked and what we'll remember.
  • We sighed with relief as we felt the power of affirmation and the satisfaction of learning a bit about bravery, trust and growing together.

Words hold power and I found that one of those positive statements kept replaying itself in my mind throughout the day. Those words were telling me what  I needed to agreement with something that resonated with my heart and gave me a boost of confidence.

If you are looking for a safe and nurturing place in which to write, call House of Hope and join us!  We're gathering on Tuesday mornings from 10:00 to 12:00 and are scheduled to meet for the next four weeks. We'd love to have you join us.

Can you tell I am excited?