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You know how Pinterest can be. You scroll and scroll until something catches your eye. You stop and ponder, weighing the options. Then click. You commit and hope it is not a waste of time. But it was pumpkin! What made me click on yet another pumpkin flavored thing?

My determination accelerated once I realized my unreadiness to move to peppermint, red and jingle bells. No, I want to linger a bit longer in orange, bittersweet and pumpkin. A few more weeks of spicy lattes, brown, bare trees and walks through the crunchy fallen leaves will help me enjoy the now of November.

I am a scone freak, I must admit, and after trying a vast array of recipes, I'm pretty good at weeding through the pack to find ones that work. Not always, though! Just ask Brian and he'll tell you he's forced down a few dark, heavy and amazingly dry scones. But today it worked. I confidently went after it.

In a few short minutes, surrounded within a spicy welcoming aroma, I snarfed down a perfect pastry with delicious, just-right chewiness and crispy sweet edges. With its perfect pumpkin flavor, my satisfaction factor was at the top, especially when followed by a big gulp of steaming black coffee. Oh my.


I pass it on to you in hopes that the next two weeks will find you savoring the now, sitting in the moment and enjoying small  pleasures. I hope you will let the sound of today's wind capture your imagination, if only for a moment. Give yourself time to get lost in the sway of the trees against the blue sky as they engage you in their dance of simply being.

There's plenty of time to think about tomorrow. Tomorrow.

Even King David reminds us in Psalm 118. This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. 

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