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DSC_0185Hey, Maranatha friends, I am starting a new study tomorrow morning during the Sunday School hour at 9:30 up in the Loft. You and I love to be SAFE, COMFORTABLE and HAPPY. I especially felt the power of these words when I was in China living in a dorm with hard beds, tile floors and 50+ very enthusiastic college-aged Chinese and American students. New and different foods, long hot walks and a new culture made me long for comfort in many ways. Sometimes Brian and I stole away to a place where we knew we could drink cold coke in a glass full of ice. Oh it tasted wonderful! It was a small comfort but one that blessed us greatly! But God didn't call us to China to be comfortable, as he doesn't call us in our daily walk here in America to be safe and happy. He calls us to a RADICAL, FAITH FILLED walk, TAKING RISKS and JOYFULLY SHARING the amazing story of His love for us.

Would you like to do a Bible study with me that enables us to look at what it means to say, "ANYTHING, God, ANYTHING?"


I hope to share some China stories throughout our study. It was a fabulous trip and God lit a fire in our hearts to be more bold, prayerful and attentive.

I'd love to have you join in the fun of studying God's word and gathering together as women who love God, who long to live a more courageous and surrendered life and.... to get to know each other better.