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2016-01-20_0019 Dear sweet little tomatoes,

Yesterday one of my walking friends, described her backyard as full vines overflowing with the likes of you. My mouth watered, remembering your tangy sweetness and wished we had thought ahead so there would be a harvest right now at our house.

And then, wouldn't you know, she met us this morning with a smile on her face and a full baggie in each hand!

Delighted, I brought you in and added your brightness to our breakfast plates of feta scrambled eggs and you totally changed the flavor and look of my favorite meal of the day. A bite of cheesy eggs, then a sip of coffee followed by a tiny tomatoey burst. Ah...

This afternoon you caught my eye sitting there so pretty on our counter. A twinkle in your eye turned out to be only a reflection of our kitchen window projecting from your smooth, red roundness!

Taking a bite, your inner seedy goodness popped in my mouth and I'm in heaven.

Thank you, little guys, for existing and for bringing us so much healthy pleasure!

With much appreciation,


(And thank you, dear neighbor, for sharing your bounty.)