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open wide your mouth!

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2016-01-20_0029I love breakfast. Every morning during the week this is how it goes here at our house. Up at five-thirty for an hour of coffee and quiet time. Six-thirty shoves me out the door for a daily "power" walk with my two faithful friends and a dog. And by seven-thirty I'm ready for breakfast! Most days I throw a quarter cup of oatmeal, a half cup of water and a bit of salt into a bowl, microwave it for a minute and I'm good to go. (Sometimes I make yummy things for breakfast, but that is mostly when we have visitors. Scones, muffins, cinnamon rolls, pancakes and french toast are special occasion treats. On normal weekdays with just the two of us, we find humble, plain oatmeal in our bowls.) 2016-01-20_0027At this time of year the oatmeal takes on an extra special flavor. If you know us, you know that for the past ten years, we have traveled to Michigan every summer to pick blueberries. We pick too many and freeze too many for use throughout the year. But right now, we have a box of unfrozen, fresh, deliciously sweet berries in our fridge. At any time, we can go and pop a handful into our mouths and savor that purply-blue goodness. Now our oatmeal, with a smidgen of vanilla/honey yogurt and a toss of blueberries, makes one want to linger just a bit longer in this season of freshness, with hearts full of thankfulness for the bounty of God's luscious provision.

In Psalm 81 Asaph recounts how God led Israel out of captivity in Egypt and how he longed for the people to listen to him, because he loved them so. At one point, he said, "Open wide your mouth and I will fill it." And he did, providing for them in the years they wandered around getting ready for the promised land.

I find myself thankful that we're not wandering around a desert but God still nourishes us with satisfying provision as we travel our own daily roads. As for these blueberries, I'm opening wide my mouth! Thank you God for filling it.