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charles' first birthday

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2015-05-16_0003Hand, hand, finger, thumb...Charles is turning one! Our family gathered in Pella to celebrate this, our newest and littlest member.2015-05-16_0004With freedom to dig into the cake, Charles showed hesitancy to get frosting on his fingers!2015-05-16_0005But Lucy knew exactly what to do! She skedaddled right up to claim the first piece! Savoring every bite, she slowly forked tiny pieces into her mouth.2015-05-16_00162015-05-16_0006 2015-05-16_00072015-05-16_0018 2015-05-16_0017 2015-05-16_0008 2015-05-16_0009A beautiful boy with his precious dad.

We love you, Charles! We look forward to gathering every May 8th to celebrate YOU!