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2015-04-07_0001Little Lucy has come to Grandma and Grandpa's house for her first solo overnight. Mom has meetings in Wisconsin and dad has to work in Pella so Brian and I get her all to ourselves for several days. It has been nonstop since she walked in the door. From reading, to singing, to dancing in circles, the whirlwind has been non stop. Playing at the park, walking around the block, hunting for pine cones and hoping to find dogs along with way kept us both moving. We built a teddy bear throne with old blocks from the attic, took baby doll for a walk in her own little pink back pack and just plain laughed and laughed. Playing with the bean bin, eating frozen blueberries and homemade applesauce, drinking tea from the new polar bear mug are memories of precious time spent with this little one so dear to my heart. I wonder what we'll do tomorrow?

I can't wait.



Whatever we do, you can be sure we are going to have fun building memories that will last a lifetime.