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April is right around the corner. Those of us who picked a word at the beginning of 2015 have lived with that word for three months now. I am doing a check up here. Are you still with it? Do you think about your word and try to integrate it into your life? How are you different today because of your chosen ONE?2015-03-30_0005 I found EMBRACE this year and my second, BRAVE, found me.

Gifting my family with words has become an annual affair: abide, nourish, breathe, (bless), enough, (love), treasure, tend and savor are this year's favored ones.

Other friends have picked words that encourage or remind them: fresh, hope, nourish, embrace, flourish, illuminate, grace, trust, renew, freedom and finish have found their way to desk tops, journals, in frames or on walls. All these words really fire me up! (Am I sappy or what??)

(What is your word? Can I add it here?)

I find it surprising when I come to a moment when I realize I can stop and EMBRACE something. Its like finding a puzzle piece as I focus my senses to experience life just a bit more fully. You know, things like hugging grandbabies, biting into an exceptionally delicious pizza, settling back into a really hot bath, getting my back scratched, standing shoulder to shoulder with Brian in church, finding a hand written note in my mail box, remembering my mom. These are all points in time to embrace by stopping to feel the feelings each moment offers.

But recently I ran smack dab, face first into something that I have no desire to embrace. Its not a bad thing, but I feel so sad about it. I know I have to open my arms and not cling to the old. I desire to welcome the new and all the possibilities it might bring our way.

But not before I cry. A lot. And grieve the loss of something delightful. . .  so I can give permission for that which, quite possibly, will be wonderful also, but in a different way. The word EMBRACE is helping me...oh yes, so is brave :)



Have you had an experience with your word that you might like to share? Would you humor me or just help me out? I would love to read all about it!

Words! They offer us so much possibility for making our lives more delicious, discerning and wise.