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Embracing today

Deane Watters2 Comments

2015-01-07_0001Every morning I rise out of bed early to spend some quiet time with God. I guard these minutes pretty fiercely as it is my one concentrated time each day when I can will my mind to quiet sitting with an awesome God. It brings me great comfort as well as unusual confidence to know that I am not alone on this journey called today. Someone higher than me, who sits in love and joy, is on my side and I can rest with him. The kind of journaling I have come to love is what I use during this quiet time.  I put my pen to paper and unearth what feels like needs to be written. Often I just start writing to discover what is occurring deeper in my heart than what might be on my mind for the day. Sometimes I want to explore something specific so I write with that in mind and then give my heart and my pen free reign.

This year my word for prayer and guidance is EMBRACE so I asked this morning, "What am I called to embrace today?"

  • As I read in John about Jesus feeding over 5,000 people, I realized that I want to embrace being hungry. I want to come hungry to be filled by Him and the truth that is so precious.
  • I wrestled a bit with my calling. Is it good enough? Am I a lazy Christian? Should I be out on the street loving those under harsh life conditions? Through my writing  I realized I need to respond to my calling, not someone else's.
  • I contemplated the new opportunities I have in January to come alongside women who want a deeper walk with Christ. I am excited for these times to grow in my faith and in my ability to journey with others as they open themselves to a richer faith and relationship with him.
  • Today I get to put a meal together to gift a family! I love cooking for people. My husband told me this morning that he loves to see me in the kitchen because my hands are busy doing something I love and perhaps my mind is a bit more at rest. :) Little does he know...
  • There are some decisions that my husband and I need to make. How do I open myself to what is best for us in those situations?
  • And then there is the cold...yes...I must embrace the -9 degrees with -27 degree wind chill. We love winter here but this does push the limits a bit.

So I guess my question each morning is, How do I love this day? How do I greet it with open arms eager to embrace whatever comes my way knowing that God is with me. This question keeps me open and expectant, excited for whatever happens to walk through the door. It also spurs me on to not be passive but to go after that which I have been equipped to do.

Here's to TODAY! May we all find contentment in what this day brings.