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Welcome in 2015!!

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2015-01-01_0001Like the first light of a bright new morning, I find the new year to be fresh with potential. January first offers a start over, another chance at clear white hope for things to come. I feel this way as every new year begins. I have ideas of how the year could go and dreams fly high. I'm feeling that way again this year. The calendars have all been changed. I've been reading and listening to others who have hopes for 2015. I have sought input about what "word" I should pick to help me focus and offer a bit of creativity to the things I do.

My word has been picked and I am psyched to explore it and find all the ways I can incorporate it into my days. Like this new year, my next word is fresh, available to guide, tease, encourage, give form and offer me ways to grow and fully live in every moment that comes.

But first...

It is LUCY'S BIRTHDAY!! So we are off to Pella to celebrate this very special little girl's second year of life. View More:

View More:

The name Lucy means "light bearer." This little one radiates a brightness that shines brilliantly. She is happy, kind, cooperative, helpful, creative, smart, funny, and quite curious. I'm a grandma with a soft heart and I love this little one with everything I've got.

We're off to Pella for the party. I'll be back soon and we'll dig into the new year and the ideas that are bursting in my imagination.

By the way, do you choose a word for each year? Or do you pick a theme, a Bible Verse or a Quote? Or do you make Resolutions? If so, I would love to know. I am so attracted to words and this kind of thing is fun for me. If you don't mind, would leave a comment here on my blog so I can know what you're thinking about as you start the brand new 2105?

Come back soon!

PS>>> thanks to Hannah White Photography for the wonderful photos of Lucy and her dad.