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2014-12-04_0002Eager to sit with the sparkly lights this morning, I filled my mom's Christmas bear mug with my dark brew and padded into the living room. Sitting in the silent coolness, listening to the comforting sounds of radiators hissing and clocks ticking, I thought of past Christmases with my mom and our now grown children. The moment was silvery, full of hope combined with memories. Looking back gave way to looking forward. Sadness for what was could have dominated my thoughts because time moves on and changes have taken place. Joy is living each moment in the presence of my Father. I decided to sit still and filter ways to make today special and Christ honoring. 2014-12-05_0001The website  helped me today. First, an Old Testament scripture pointing to Christ had been written out. Next a New Testament passage showed how this prophesy was fulfilled by Christ.  Then a writer brought the two together. Today Raechel Meyers wrote that Bethlehem means "bread house" in the Hebrew language. God, the great Meeter of Needs, at just the right moment, met our deepest hunger with the Bread of Life, Jesus, and had him enter through the "bread house." Later his body was broken for us.

I love this kind of thing! My morning started out with a new way to think on Christ and to prepare my heart for the celebration of his birth. I shared what I read with my early morning walking friend and later my husband and I talked about it.

Sometimes this season can make us sad. It can pull at us with "too much to do" and "too much to feel." Let's set our minds on Jesus by deciding to fill it with the truth of God's Word. We don't have to entertain every thought that comes to us. Acknowledging those thoughts enables us to choose to gently turn away, knowing that there is so much more than stress and sadness for each of us this month.

Meyers wrote, "He is the manna for our hungry souls, the One whom we can say with confidence has never failed us. Go to Him hungry, expectant that you will walk away full. He is enough."

Such delicious pre-breakfast nourishment! Let's choose it.