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thoughts on a snowy day

Deane Watters3 Comments

This was an unusual day for me. Normally I wake up with a busy schedule in mind that makes me prepare for what I need to do and where I need to go. Today was different. Brian and I  got up when we woke up with no alarms setting the pace. I wrote my Morning Pages in the living room while in my pajamas and robe, sipping on coffee and sitting in my favorite antique chair. The words flowed so easily and I felt peacefully happy. We ate breakfast late with a lazy pace that fits a Saturday morning. I did not have a plan for the day. It was most atypical!

After a quick trip to the grocery store I noticed that it had begun to snow. While mindlessly trekking up a busy street I carelessly decided to get into the left turn lane. Very quickly  my little Prius locked up and started swerving toward an unsuccessful turn. I caught on very quickly and slipped easily back into my original lane where, thankfully, no cars had overtaken. I slowed down immediately, clutched the steering wheel a bit more intently and carefully drove the last 10 blocks home. I had no idea the streets had become slippery so quickly. The bent stop sign on our corner proved that others had experienced trouble as well.

Since nothing else was pressing, I decided to make our favorite rolls. After mixing the dough and setting it on the warm floor near the breakfast room radiator, I listened to  A Prairie Home Companion on Public Radio. (Garrison Keillor was in Rochester, Minnesota, also in the midst of this snowy surprise.)  Feeling nostalgic and peaceful while listening,  I mixed up some Almond Biscotti. While it baked, I threw together a delicious sausage and cheese tortellini soup for dinner. After eating, I finished up the rolls.

I love my life and I get to do what I love to do. But sometimes I need to stop and attend to the pleasant duties I enjoy  in solitude, with nowhere to go and no one to talk to. I guess that is what balance is about. My autumn has been mostly unbalanced and today was a reminder of how much I love being home, busy in the kitchen and allowing the quiet to attend to my soul.