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From Stowe to Cooperstown

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Driving south out of Canada we encountered forest after forest that held brilliant color. But as we ventured farther into Vermont, it was not quite so vibrant. The peak had occurred the week before and the hills didn't sing out quite so loudly. But they still held a beauty all their own.2014-10-17_0004 2014-10-17_0005A colorful drive down Highway 100, through small towns and lovely countryside, made us feel at home. All the signs were printed in English! 2014-10-16_0020After a stop at the Ben and Jerry's factory for a delicious ice cream cone, we continued into the Vermont countryside.2014-10-17_0001Dinner at Plate, a lovely new restaurant, in Stowe, VT2014-10-17_0002To leave Vermont and enter New York, we took our car (and ourselves) across the border on a ferry.2014-10-16_0022Here comes the ferry!2014-10-16_0023Driving on with two other cars proved to be an easy task.2014-10-16_0024Our next stop was Fort Ticonderoga, a true historic fort. Within its walls we found a collection of war memorabilia that we felt was informative and truly outstanding.


2014-10-17_00062014-10-17_00072014-10-16_0028We felt honored to walk through the entrance with such a prestigious lot having gone  before us!


Next stop? The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, New York.2014-10-16_0045Brian has fond memories of his dad resting on his bed quietly listening to baseball on the radio. Paul followed the San Francisco Giants and so Brian also names them as his favorite team. He's really happy that the Giants are going to the World Series this next week!

2014-10-16_0039 2014-10-16_0040 2014-10-16_0042Willie Mays was Brian's hero as a kid. He enjoyed reading all he could find in the museum about this great baseball player.

2014-10-16_0041Of course, his was the first plaque we searched for in the Hall of Fame.

2014-10-16_0043How many of the five first inductees into the Hall of Fame can you name?


2014-10-16_0030Jonathan and Joel cry in their soup every time they think of the valuable cards their dad had in his possession when he was a young boy...the ones their grandma threw away. This sign is in honor of Martha Watters. When she saw this picture she embarrassingly admitted, "That was the worst thing I ever did!" You can be sure OUR kids' cards are still collecting dust up in the attic.