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From Cooperstown to Cedar Rapids

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2014-10-16_0032 After being told several times that the Canadian view is far superior, we left our Bed and Breakfast in Buffalo, and drove north where we could drive back across the border. With Passports still in our possession it was easy to do. Those informers were right. Niagara Falls is a mighty sight to behold! Nothing can prepare you for the beauty and mighty roar you find here. The Canadian side was a tremendous point from which to view all this place had to offer.2014-10-16_0034 2014-10-16_0035 2014-10-16_0036 2014-10-16_0038 2014-10-16_0037 2014-10-16_0033A movie and museum illustrated the early ways people tried to bring fame to themselves by creating innovative ways to go over the falls with the goal of remaining alive once they reached the bottom. Some did accomplish that dream. Many didn't. Even for money or fame, I would not climb into this barrel and get catapulted over the edge of those mighty falls. Apparently it didn't work for this lady either. She lived through the "ride" but she died a pauper. I guess you can't fault her for trying!2014-10-16_0047

Brian is contemplating how it might feel to stuff oneself into this hole (with a little blue camera in the front) and hope to see the light of day at the bottom of the falls. I don't think he's game to try it either. Well, I guess he won't be trying anytime soon. It is now illegal to try such flights of frenzy.

2014-10-16_0048Niagara Falls was our last touristy activity. We drove several hours west, crossed the border into the USA late that evening. After a good night's sleep, we arrived home at late the next day. Another wonderful time together is over.