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October days with Olah & family

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It is always great to get away. The stress of packing suitcases and deciding what needs to be taken along are all behind us once we shut the door, start the car and speed down the highway. An added stress met us on the way: 2014-10-16_0005

The incessant heavy traffic and unending rain, made for a bit of a stressful beginning to our trip. But after getting across the border, spending the night, and figuring out our cell phone coverage in Canada, we started out fresh the next morning with new enthusiasm and excitement for the coming days. We drove for 9 or 10 hours across Canada and reached Quebec City in the dark at around 9:00 pm. We were tired but safe and happy to be off the interstate which had been heavy with traffic for many hours.

But we had happy faces to greet us as we reunited with our dear ones, Olah, Andrei, Katia and Arseniy.


2014-10-16_0016During the summer I made quilts for each of the children. A lady machine-quilted them just in time for us to take them with us so we could hand deliver them.


2014-10-16_0002Katia introduced me to Sophia, her favorite Disney princess. We watched several TV episodes showing Sophia and her flying horse. Katia has several horses equipped with wings as well!


Arseniy seemed to like Brian. They played together wrestling, throwing a football, playing catch with a pillow, and sitting together to watch TV. I think he misses his grandpa who still lives in Ukraine. Brian was a good substitute.2014-10-16_0014


2014-10-16_0007After church on Sunday morning, we ventured into Old Quebec and walked around the historic area. Sitting for a quick picture proved a bit harder with the kids who like to tease and trick. Oh they wanted to be funny and so here they are, being funny.

On Monday and Tuesday when the family went back to school and work, Brian and I made our way back to Old Quebec and took a guided tour to learn more about the history of the city. After eating lunch at a French Canadian restaurant and tasting the famous Quebec meat pie and maple syrup pie, we drove back to meet the family and eat dinner together.





Too soon it was time to leave. On Wednesday, after saying our early morning goodbyes, we packed up our car and headed south into Vermont to continue our adventure.