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August 17 - bookshelf

Deane Watters1 Comment

2014-08-17_0001When I think of bookshelves, I normally just think of books. And if I take a photo of my book shelf, I want in that picture, my favorite books. I have included some of them in my bookshelf photo but would like redo it to be more satisfied with the photo. Those books on the right have influenced me more than anything. I wish they could be seen more clearly! Books by Ann Voskamp, Mary Oliver, Brennan Manning, David Benner, Frederick Buechner and a few others not shown, should be highlighted and made bigger! The writing books on the left have been some wonderful teachers to me in making my writing more mature, confident, joyful and a learning process, rather than a product. So here they are, in this moment, subject to change as I get my hands on future powerful tools for learning.