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August 16 - look down

Deane Watters1 Comment

2014-08-17_0002When you are on top of the world (or at least at the top of the Willis Tower) you have nowhere to look except down. For miles and miles from your lofty perch there is something to seek, something to catch the eye. From the safety of the solid floored observatory this seems easy, secure, fun! 2014-08-17_0007Even Lucy loves it. Nothing to worry about because there is plenty of solid floor underneath your feet.2014-08-17_00082014-08-17_0004

But take that solid floor away and replace it with glass, the secure safe feeling you felt, quickly gives way.

2014-08-17_0010That might have something to do with why Jesus tells us to build our lives on the solid rock instead of shifting sand. We are much happier and better people when we are secure, safe and able to stand firm.

2014-08-17_0011I also think, then, that if, when we are at the top, all we can do is look down, then perhaps when we are on down on land, in our normal perspective, then all we can do is look up. Did you get that??? Hope so. Let's look up today and see the marvels of another day and live it fully alive with much joy.