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August 15 - blue

Deane Watters1 Comment

2014-08-15_0001Look at her sitting there, this blue-eyed girl in a blue dress, drinking coffee from a blue mug in a room with blue walls and blue curtains. She looks so quietly relaxed in this bed and breakfast nook, waiting for her first meal of the day to be presented by the innkeeper. What is behind those eyes as she smiles at the camera in this cosy place? What might I say to this sweet young one if she could hear me now?

Deane, I am taken by your beauty. The freshness of your smile, your eyes and the shape of your face show an attractiveness you are unable to acknowledge as you bother over numbers on the scale. Even though you feel unsure, you have much to learn, much to feel, and plenty to offer. These days have deep lessons for you. Continue to keep your eyes, your spirit and your journal open to what God has for you. You have always had a richness of soul where you can gently listen and talk with anyone who dares to be honest with you. Embracing your worth along with your story will enable confidence to grow and relationships to mature. God will allow you to speak beautiful healing words to women whose  brokenness enable their ears to hear. Don't worry. God is near. He holds your children's hearts in his own hands. He wants your fears to be carefully placed in His safekeeping so you can continue the work for which he has designed you. Christ in you is beautiful and he will lead you even though you will not always recognize him. Rest. Enjoy every moment of your young journey because the years have a steady and speedy pulse that often surprises. There is much joy ahead.

I love you.

Your much older self, Deane