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August 13 - guilty pleasure

Deane Watters1 Comment

I contemplated the term "guilty pleasure" much of  today. Just exactly what is a guilty pleasure? At first it seems to me that a it is something that I enjoy doing but it is not right for me to do, or enjoy. Is it something sinful? Should we not be doing this thing that we enjoy? I took a peek at how others participating in this august break photo challenge interpreted this phrase and I found  photos of a wide of variety of things: strawberries, the morning sun, Matthew McConaughey movies, Agatha Christie movies, chocolate, sea salt chips, popcorn, asymmetrical shirts, beer, sneaking photos of random people, coffee, pizza, cookies, naps, play, reading duringthe day, giant chocolate chip cookie topped with vanilla ice cream, smoking, lying on the beach all day doing nothing, very sweet food, solitude, donuts with sprinkles, buying shoes, pinterest and stealing peas from the garden and eating them.

This list is not dark! I'd say none of them are bad, except maybe smoking and donuts :) and all of them are pleasurable. But they can all be bad if done in excess. So my definition of guilty pleasure became: that which entices me in and tempts me to excess. It is something I enjoy doing but I have to watch myself to not overdo it. That could include a list with wide variety because most things done in excess become burdensome.

I decided to pick one, different from the others I had seen: bookstores.


My love of reading leads me to many bookstores. Walking in carefully I pray as I go that I will be wise with my choices. Bookstores entice me in and once inside, I am tempted to buy more than I should. This is one of many "guilty pleasures" that I indulge in but watch myself carefully to not overdo it.2014-08-13_0002