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August 11 - handwriting

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I have a drawer that holds a variety of  birthday, valentines and mother's day cards as well as thank you and encouragement notes sent or given to me in the past years. These are cards that were saved because they make my heart sing whenever I read them. For today's post I started looking through them, wanting one with handwriting that said more than just a general note. What I found was that I am one blessed woman. I have been given people who love me well and who are not afraid to tell me in words that are rich, deep and meaningful. When I started to pick out which ones to photograph and post here I realized that ALL of them deserve to be shown, but only one will be posted. Most are personal, meant just for me and I respect that. But this means the world to me because I can read it again and again, and be moved, comforted and blessed each time. She was a mom above most, the one who was everything a daughter would ever want in a mother...and I miss her much. Mom had two daughters and I know she felt the same way about both of us. She loved all her children well. 2014-08-11_0002