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August 9 - in my bag

Deane Watters1 Comment

I keep the usual things in my bag, you know, a wallet for instance. Lipstick, hand lotion, tissues also constitute the norm. But always, and I mean always, I bring a book, a pen with some paper and of course my phone. These items are essential to my well being. What would happen if I got stuck in a line or a waiting room with nothing to do?? Or what if I got a really great idea that would be lost in this fuzzy brain if it didn't get written down immediately? I try to never leave home without them. This weekend though some new necessities were added to my purse. A sweet pink onesie, a diaper and some wipes made the essential list as I headed out to visit the big city with my sweet heart, Lucy. There was plenty of room in my purse so there was nothing to worry about...and I knew there would be no time for reading, so the book could been removed...but it didn't. I just can't leave home without it. 2014-08-10_0001