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August 4 - orange

Deane Watters1 Comment

After meeting a jogger wearing an orange tank top and fellow morning walker in an orange tee shirt holding the leash of a dog with an orange collar, I wondered if this was going to be an orange kind of day!  The orange wreath on a blue door, the orange ladder propped under a cherry tree and the orange and white striped street barrier confirmed my suspicions. Orange, orange everywhere! In the park:2014-08-04_0003 2014-08-04_0004

At my neighbor's house: 2014-08-04_0005

In our garden, tended by my talented husband:2014-08-03_0008

In our kitchen, gifts from friends: the first ripe tomatoes  from their garden!2014-08-04_0001

In my writing room: the purse bought for a trip to Austin!2014-08-04_0006

I knew beyond a doubt it was an orange kind of day when we walked into Brian's mother's room to find her guessed it... an orange top.2014-08-03_0005

What a fun day! I wonder what orange surprises are still in store for me before the sun sets?