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August 1 - lunch

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This month I will be doing a fun photo challenge as a change from my usual kind of blogging. Susannah Conway, from has listed a month of daily prompts and I plan to post a picture that represents each word. Instagram (#augustbreak2014) will be my first posting place and then I'll come here where more photos will be added and perhaps some text. This is meant to be a break from the usual by focusing more on the photos and less on the written word so I'll do my best to remember that.  

August 1 = lunch

Before I post the photo for the word "lunch" I have a little background information! Every year at the end of July, Brian and I go to Michigan to pick blueberries. We have enjoyed this annual trek for nine years now and each year we try to pick more berries than the year before. What started at thirty pounds has now grown to ninety-four pounds! It was so fun to pick we just couldn't stop!

2014-08-02_0015 2014-08-02_0016

The bushes overflowed with huge sweet ripe berries. We could stand at one bush and pick for half an hour before moving to the next one. 2014-08-02_0017 2014-08-02_0018

When the picking was done, we stayed at a Bed and Breakfast Inn in Saugatuck, Michigan. The rooms were just right, the breakfasts hearty and the location, perfect.2014-08-02_0019

So that leads to my "lunch" prompt for today. We are eating LOTS of blueberries at every meal. For lunch I made this delicious chicken, peach and blueberry salad. I have a feeling we are going to be eating this combo often in the coming days.2014-08-02_0021