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Welcome Charles!

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Baby beluga in the deep blue sea

Swim so wild and you swim so free

Heaven above and the sea below

And a little white whale on the go.

Baby beluga, oh baby beluga, Is the water warm? Is your mama home with you so happy?

This tune played over and over in my mind as I held little Charles yesterday. Baby Beluga, sung by Raffi, a popular singer and songwriter when our kids were young, is a delightfully catchy tune. After listening to it just TRY to get it out of your head! Dancing around with Charles in my arms the melody came right back to me even though I had not even thought of it for years. It opened up  some of my wishes for this, my newest little grandchild.


Ah, Charles, I love you so much. Holding you made me remember back twenty-nine years when I held your dad for the first time. You helped me remember how much I love little boys and how fun they are to raise. Your dad was such a sweet and happy little guy and I think you might be just like him. You are being raised by a man who has not forgotten what it is like to be little; one with a kind and sensitive heart, prone to relationship. Follow him around. Listen to what he says and learn from him. He has so much to give.

Your mama honors each moment with you as one to be  held dear.  She offers a beautiful tenderness to you, knowing  you will grow up quickly. She is a mama with much love. As a result your home is full of  order, kindness and understanding. What a lucky boy you are! Having a mom who spends time and listens well is a rare gift. She also loves God and knows that you have been fashioned by Him for your unique path.

Your parents have been praying for you and call you their little treasure! They will provide you with boundaries in which to explore and grow. You won't have to perform to be loved in your home. They want you just as you are...just who you are. Your big sister also watches out for you. Her tender heart overflows with curiosity and sensitivity. She will be there for you as the two of you grow and share many exciting escapades.

But for now, you are still quite tiny. Your only needs are to be fed, changed, burped and held. In return you smile, sleep and snuggle. Already curious about your surroundings, you study the face of the one who is holding you. My big brown glasses seemed to cause some extra focus but you offered  big smiles anyway!

Charles, I dream of wide open spaces where you will be free to play, explore and learn in the beauty of God's world. I pray that you will see Him and marvel at Him, breathe in His freshness and feel alive with His sun on your face. As you find Him in your world you will discover YOU and be secure as one of God's most precious ideas.

Welcome to our world, little guy. Many adventures lie on the horizon. I can hardly wait.