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washing windows

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Every spring, I have to  face the fact that this house has too many windows. Rather than suffer the effects of looking through them uncleaned, I get busy with the Windex and paper towels as soon as I can make time in my schedule. Hating dirty windows is reason enough for me to step up and get busy with the long and tiring job.

Today I started my mission in the second floor sun porch. It is one of my favorite rooms in the house because this is where I start each morning! After the alarm goes off, I trip out of bed and into my walking clothes, pad downstairs to retrieve my cup of coffee, then head back up to this room for 45 minutes of quiet time. As I read and pray, one of Brian's antique clocks ticks quietly and  my sewing machine, ironing board and many favorite books await my attention. No...wait...I'm telling you about the windows. I got distracted for a moment, remembering what I love about this room.

Washing the windows up here is quite the job. First the spider webs need to be vacuumed out between the inside and outside windows. Then each pane gets sprayed and wiped thoroughly because I hate streaks! Next I have to find a way to clean the outsides of each window, sometimes while balancing on the roof outside, other times while leaning out of one to get the other. Today I had a moment where I thought I might just fall into the hosta garden below... but I kept my balance, thankfully.

It took the whole day but I got this room looking sparkly. Unfortunately that's one down, twelve  rooms to go. That would be the kitchen, breakfast nook, dining room, front sun porch (with 10 double windows!!!) living room, front entry way, TV room, four bedrooms and the computer room.  Oh my gosh. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

How is  your spring cleaning coming along?