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a fun day

Deane WattersComment

I had a treat yesterday. My good friend, Onalee, from Spencer, was able to get a ride to Cedar Rapids. Our husbands were out of town so we used the entire day to catch up on what has been happening in our lives. We drank coffee and talked, walked and talked, cooked and talked, ate lunch and talked, sat and talked. It was a full day of talk! This was a rarity  due to jobs,  busy schedules and active families. But retirement has opened up time and we took the opportunity. She and I love to be together because we can talk about whatever is on our minds and are delighted to find a willing and faithful listener.

I love how we can just start need to lay the groundwork or  explain who is who. We have known each other since a few days before our freshman year in college and became best friends almost immediately. Having  kept in contact throughout the past 43 years, a lot of ground was covered in those  8 hours. But I know we could have filled in many more hours, given the opportunity...and the voice power.

Thanks for the day, Onalee. I wonder when we will meet up again?