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June 4, 1990

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Where were you 24 years ago today? Perhaps you can't quite remember, but my memory is clear. Our family got up early for the drive to Des Moines. Brian readied the station wagon while the rest of us piled in...Jonathan and Joel sat facing backward in the way-back, while Luis, our exchange student from El Salvador, and I resided in the back seat. Our driver talked pleasantly with  CJ in the passenger seat.

This was the day we had all been waiting for.

Several years earlier Brian and I decided to add a third child to our family. After giving birth to two wonderful sons, we felt that adding a daughter would complete us. A family at church with some darling Korean children inspired us to call Holt International and the long process of application for adoption got started. Several years later we were approved and received a referral for a little 18 month old girl named Min Hee Lee. We were delighted!

Six months later she finally arrived, sent from a foster family in Seoul, escorted by a Korean woman.


Her little squeaky voice sounded out as CJ carried her from the plane to our arms. Being all wiggly she demonstrated the toll many hours of sitting in a plane seat could take on an active two year old. Letting her down, we watched as she ran to the children, throwing a little green toy and running after it, only to pick it up and throw it again.  This little one with her rosy laugh and wide smile was the star of the show! Our boys grinned sheepishly as each entered into play with his new little sister. After taking a little tumble, she looked around and called out for "oma," the woman who traveled with her. Instead she found me, gently leaning down to comfort her, my first motherly act.

I remember with much love and emotion this day, June 4, 1990, when Hannah Jane, our daughter, became a part of our family. We remain forever thankful.