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project ordinary day #29

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2014-06-01_0004In 2008 our city experienced a terrible disaster that changed the face of our downtown in very dramatic ways. The flood destroyed so much we wondered if we would ever have a whole, healed community again. Here we are in 2014 and a drive through the downtown offers many new and interesting renovations that would never have taken place except for that flood. Our new library is one of those improvements that turned out to be better than we could have ever imagined.

Today it was a busy place!  People inhabited all areas using it in different ways. Some were working at computers. Little rooms held those who needed a quiet place in which to study. Men and women were sitting in soft chairs near the huge windows, enjoying the natural light and the view while reading or working on a lap top. The coffee shop was busy and a meeting was taking place in the room at the top of the stairs.

My friend and I sat in an outside porch area supplied with tables and chairs. This spot offered a view of Green Square. The breeze was gentle; the temperatures, mild. Distracted only by the loud train whistle, our talk was inspiring and encouraging mostly because of the good friend I was with and partly because of the perfect setting.

This library provides a great service to individuals who need a place to do a wide variety of things. I hear there is even going to be a wedding here this summer! What an inspiring and unique addition to our downtown.