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project ordinary day #28

Deane Watters1 Comment

2014-06-01_0003No project-ordinary-day assignment can be complete until I include my weekly trip to the southeast side HyVee grocery store. It is one of those necessary "evils" of running a household and the task is mostly mine. On Mondays with my meal plan ingredient list  hastily scribbled on a note pad, I head on over to pick up what I need. This week was especially trying because the store has been undergoing a huge building project. I walked in and there were people in every aisle pulling products off the shelves in one area so they could be transferred to another shelf on the other side of the store. It was impossible to find anything! Looking for turkey pepperoni found me on one end of the store, pushing my cart over to the other end and back again until I finally asked an employee for help. He didn't know where it was but together we went back to the other end where it "surely must be!" We still couldn't find it but my fellow shoppers are great helpers and one kind lady spotted my pepperoni on the bottom shelf of the cooler. People were wandering around with quizzical looks on their faces making comments about how eventually we will know the store again. But, hey, one day this tremendous building project will finalize and we will have a beautiful store in which to shop. For that I am truly thankful.