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project ordinary day #27

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2014-05-28_0001 Bubbles: a very thin film of liquid forming a ball around air or gas. Yes, and who doesn't like bubbles? We all remember, as little girls, holding the tiny plastic wand and dipping it into a bottle of bubbles. Our very breath created sweet bubbles that floated blissfully up and away. That is what entered my mind when Mari, one of my daily walking buddies, said, "Want to do bubbles this morning?"

I know Mari likes adventures. Change and trying new things are right up her alley. The Bubble Guy had introduced her to this idea, gave her a quart of the secret combination, along with the "wand" that produced the bubbles. She was eager to share it with us. With visions of little fairy tale like bubbles I heartily agreed. But what we got was something VERY different.

Each of us had the chance to hold the huge wand, one stick in each hand, dip the rope deep into the solution, pull it out. While waiting for it to drip for a few seconds we anticipated what our bubbles would be like.

As we opened the sticks and pulled the wand through the air we produced HUGE bubbles! And they didn't float up and away. They stayed low and even  landed on the driveway and rested there. We were given time to inspect the bigger ones, appreciate their color and even take pictures of our reflection in them. The second day the bubbles were not so kind, hovering and popping at the moment of impact. There was no time for observation and no floating away. But there was plenty of delight over each created bubble.

Both bubble experiences were fun, instructional and entertaining.

Even big girls love to feel like little girls now and then.2014-05-28_00032014-05-28_00052014-05-28_00062014-05-28_00072014-05-28_0008